Our Success Stories


David was born in South Africa and entered the US with an L-1A visa on a South African passport. It has taken six years to get through the permitting process for his real estate development company. For tax purposes he does not want to become a US permanent resident. We determined from our initial consultation that he was eligible for French citizenship through his father. The US has an Investment Treaty with France. We obtained a French passport and E-2 visa for him, allowing him to stay and grow his business for several more years.


Ashish got his green card through employer sponsorship as a computer engineer. He now is Director of New Technology for pre-IPO chip developer. A few months ago, he married in India only to realize that it takes five years for a spouse of a permanent resident to immigrate. In less than one year, we obtained a second green card for Ashish through the new employer’s sponsorship. His wife received a green card at the same time.


Anna was working under F-1 practical training and taking post grad classes when she filed for H-1B in April. Her practical training card expired in June. Because of the quota, she had to file the H-1B petition in early April, requesting an October 1 start date. The CIS approved the H-1B petition but denied the change of status since (they believed) she was out of status on October 1 (more than 60 days after the end of her practical training). We re-filed the H-1B change of status petition documenting that she maintained F-1 status after June by taking classes on a full time basis.


Doris is Director of HR for software company with development facilities in four countries. Several dozen engineers recently hired overseas are needed on a project that will start in the US and then be transferred to the four countries for software localization. No H-1B quota is available until October 2007. After review of the project, we determine that the first 15 months of the engineers’ activities in the US can be classified as training. The engineers will apply the skills and knowledge learned in the training when the project is transferred to their home countries. We apply for the company to be an official Exchange Visitor Program so it can quickly issue the documents for the engineers to receive 18 month J-1 visas.


Over the past 12 years, Ivan has acquired two homes that have appreciated in value. His home equity is now in excess of $600,000. Through an approved EB-5 regional center, Ivan can get a green card by transferring his equity in the homes to commercial real estate that will generate employment for US workers.


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