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Expanded US Visa Interview Waiver Program in India

As of November 19, 2012 American Consulates throughout India have expanded the Interview Waiver Program to include H-1B and L-1 renewals. Under the Interview Waiver Program for India, certain applicants for visa renewal may submit their applications for consideration for streamlined processing, including waiver of a personal interview.


Here are the visa categories eligible for the Interview Waiver Program for India

  • Temporary workers on H1-B visas
    • Temporary workers on Individual L1-A or Individual L1-B visas
    • Business/Tourism (B1 and/or B2);
    • Dependent (J2, H4, L2)
    • Students returning to attend the same school and same program
    • Transit (C) and/or Crew Member (D) – including C1/D.
    • Children applying before their 14th birthday traveling on any visa class
    • Applicants applying on or after their 80th birthday traveling on any visa class


Some additional notes on the Interview Waiver Program for India


  • The applicant must be a citizen or legal resident of India
  • The visa applicant must be renewing a visa that is still valid or that expired within the past 48 months
  • The renewal application must be for the same visa classification as the previous visa.
  • The previous visa must not carry the annotation “clearance received”
  • Even if the applicant meets all the above criteria, a US consular officer may still require an interview for any visa applicant in any category.
  • The applicant may still need to make an appointment for biometrics (fingerprint and photograph) collection
  • All applicants must submit all required fees and the DS-160 application form


For more details about procedures for submitting a renewal application, please contact our office or see



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